New VP Award

The SAIEG Vice-President is pleased to introduce the newly created VP award. This award is to be awarded at least once a year, depending on the number of entries received.

To enter, members of SAIEG (all categories of membership) are invited to submit photos that illustrate the lighter side of fieldwork or the natural beauty of the areas we are often privileged to witness during our site investigations.  All photos must be taken on site during an engineering or environmental geological investigation and include some evidence thereof. As this is the inaugural award, photographs entered can date back to any time, as long as they were taken by the entrant.

Entries will not be adjudicated based on traditional photographic judgement criteria (i.e. composition, lighting etc.) or on the scientific or engineering significance of the contents of any photo. The award will be presented to the photographer that captures the most humorous or impressive scene or object  according to the panel assigned to evaluate the entries. The panel will consist of SAIEG members and will be appointed by the SAIEG Vice-President, with approval of the SAIEG council. The decision of the panel will be final.

Entries are not required to be high-resolution photographs taken with expensive equipment and can therefore include entries captured using any camera (or device that contains a camera). The images should however be in focus, original and unedited. Entries should be made by the photographer themselves by posting the image on the SAIEG Facebook page. For those with Facebook challenges, photos can be emailed to and these will be posted on Facebook.

The first prize for the 2017 VP Award will be a ticket to the SAIEG Awards Dinner in 2018, where the award will be formally presented and a selection of finalist photos will be displayed. Depending on the number of entries, additional prizes may be awarded to “finalists” that did not take the top spot.