UP Field trip feedback

The 2018 Honours class would like to thank the SAIEG for their very generous sponsorship for our end year honours excursion. It is through your bountifulness that we were given the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gathered from our years of study from blueprint to reality, in return this helped in increasing our awareness and understanding of the geological phenomena. The trip offered us the opportunity to experience nature and the environment with all its beauties and dangers, furthermore we able to view the geology in a more holistic way that reveals the interconnections among the many components of the earth’s system.

This was a great learning exercise based on how undergrad program is structured, it can be challenging to learn how things are embedded in larger contexts. The training offered during the excursion was quite intense as every stop we made required that we use multiple investigative approaches (theoretical and experimental) to interpret, explain, predict the natural conditions, this heightened our analytical skills, lateral thinking skills and problem solving skills as we had to ensure that our observations were pedantic to create the bigger 4D geological model. Finally, we got a better understanding of how the natural world interacts and is influenced by the anthropogenic world and visa verse. From this training, we were prepared as junior scientist, on how to effectively conduct site investigations based on the geological and ground modelling.
Again we would like to express our gratitude and we hope that this can be extended to others in the future.

Enclosed are some photos from the excursion that capture the moments we had.

UPHonsExcursion2018 Photos