AEG Publications

AEG Publications

AEG News

Published four times a year, it includes interesting articles, as well as news and updates within the association, profession and general industry.

Only the current issue is available to view for free to all visitors of the AEG website. Back issues are available on order at $10 each. Print copies are however included in the International membership fee of $55 (Click here to join).


AEG Environmental & Engineering Geoscience Journal

Published quarterly, the Environmental & Engineering Geoscience Journal is the official journal of the AEG.

The article titles of the current issue are available via the quick link “Latest E&EG News” on the AEG home page and free access to abstracts is available here.

Full articles are only available to full members of the AEG (click here to join). Full members can download individual articles via the AEG website by clicking here. Print copies of the journal may be ordered at an additional cost of $35 when joining or renewing membership on line.