Current SAIEG Members

Directory of SAIEG Members

SAIEG is currently busy upgrading their membership directory to make it more accessible. The list of members according to region, contact details and areas of expertise will be available via a search option shortly.

As soon as the updated online form is available, all members will be notified.

Should you have any enquiries or need to verify a member, please send an email to

Distribution of members:

Kindly note that the information below will be updated once the updated SAIEG directory forms have been completed by the members. 

SAIEG has 286 members of which 84 are student members.  Of the various other categories the breakdown by province is:

  • Gauteng Province 61%
  • KwaZulu-Natal Province 12%
  • Western Cape Province 13%
  • Eastern Cape Province 2%
  • Northern Cape Province 1%
  • Mpumalanga Province 2%
  • North West Province 1%
  • Limpopo Province 1%

A few reside in neighbouring African countries, with some who have maintained ties internationally.

  • International (excl. Africa) 3%
  • African Countries 4%